​​​​​​​Interfleisch SA

Meat brokers since 1956

Interfleisch SA, a Swiss company founded in 1956, is active in the intermediation of pork and beef mainly in Europe.

The company moves thousands of tonnes of meat per year and is able to offer highly qualified advice and services for food companies at the forefront of meat production and processing.


Our Clients

We supply the best cuts of meat to the largest pork and beef factories in Italy and abroad.

We look for the best product at the best price for our customers (salami and ham factories, etc.).

We give great importance to our customer needs to whom we guarantee maximum flexibility and assistance as intermediaries. 

3 generazioni al vostro servizio

3 Generations

The brothers Arnoldo and Archimede Benassi, following in their father's footsteps, founded a company and started the brokerage business with Northern Europe.

Later on the two brothers founded the company "Fratelli Benassi" in Milan (Italy) with which they ventured into the Italian market and started to expand internationally. Later on they founded the company Interfleisch SA in Lugano (Switzerland).
Today INTERFLEISCH SA is managed by Arnoldo's sons Stefano and Paolo Benassi, following the family tradition.

i migliori prosciutti

Our Suppliers

We work with the most prestigious pork and beef suppliers in Europe.

Our suppliers meet the highest quality standards, guarantee flexibility, responsiveness and strong supply chains.

​​​​​​​Thanks to our suppliers we are able to offer high quality products and thanks to our experience we provide safe and individualised services to meet your needs.